Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let's get cultured

Have you ever felt out of the loop when your pals or co-workers make references to popular TV shows, songs, movies or books?
Or worse yet: do you have problems figuring out just what exactly the punch line is when your friends are quoting those Family Guy episodes you’ve never seen?
*Raises hand*
That would be me.
You see, my friends love to incorporate movie quotes into our everyday conversations.
From talks of CPS reports to Family Guy quotes to conversations about Harry Potter. It’s all there. I’m sometimes out of the loop though because I usually become a fan of things after the initial “this is the best thing ever!” craze has worn off.
I’m that guy who gets hooked on a TV series when I see the reruns on TBS or when I rent the DVD and watch the entire season in two days.
I’m the guy who refuses to go to the movie theatre to see the third part of the trilogy because I haven’t seen the previous two movies and I don’t want to watch them out of chronological order.
College was my reason for living under the proverbial rock for the past four years. I graduated last May though, so my trusted, reliable reason is now out the window.
There’s no avoiding it anymore: I need to get in on the loop. I need to get cultured.
Now, I know that I’m not the only person out there who hasn’t seen the Lord of the Rings movies or hasn’t read the entire Harry Potter series.
For those of you too embarrassed to admit such things, fear not! I’m going to do the legwork and faithfully report back.
I’m going to read the books, watch the movies, and listen to those albums that critics and fans alike claim everyone should know about.
If you want to know what all the hype is about – and get my two cents on it – look no further than right here because from here on out we’re going to get “cultured” together.

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